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Haunted Vaile Mansion

Vaile Mansion, Independence, Missouri Built in 1881

Front Entrance to Vaile

Built in 1881 this 30 room mansion sits just east of Kansas City limits in Independence, Missouri.  You can tour this mansion for $4 as a historic home and rich Independence history.  But us ghost hunters tour it for an entirely different reason.  It's been reported that this old mansion is haunted and many ghost hunters in the area report capturing apparitions on film.  It is said that Mr. Harvey Merrick Vaile was in some legal troubles and his wife out of desperation committed suicide in the mansion with a fatal dose of morphine.

Side view of this awesome mansion.

Here's a side shot of the mansion to give you an idea of how big it is.  It was difficult to get the entire mansion into one picture with my small digital cam.  As far as ghost hunting goes, I didn't capture nearly as many anomalies on film at this place as I have others.  But I did seem to capture a higher quality of "ghost pics" at this location.  Even if you don't capture a "ghost" on film at this place it's still fun to walk through the place and check out the antique furniture and ceiling murals.

Eerie picture taken inside the Vaile.

Here's an idea of some of the photography you can expect to see in my "Vaile Mansion Photo Gallery".  The entire place has sort of an eerie feeling to it and there are many areas in the old mansion that feel very drafty and cold.  And I visited in 80 degree weather!  You can see in this picture a rather large, bright orb hovering above the dress.  This is to date my favorite anomalous picture yet.  I do plan on returning to the Vaile in the fall to see if I can capture more of these strange orbs.  Also, it is said that you are more likely to catch apparitions on film during the cold weather months.  You can see this picture in it's original size and the rest of the gallery by clicking the link below.