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This page serves as a holding bank for the pictures I have taken while out "ghost hunting".  I just recently started this new hobby though it's something I've always been interested in.  A friend and I visit places in the Kansas City area that are reportedly "haunted".  It has been during these times that I've captured strange anomalies on film.  Many people will say it's a defect in the camera equipment, dust particles or lens flair.  I invite all to write me as to their opinion on what it is I have captured on film.  I will say that the only time I capture these "anomalies" is when I'm out ghost hunting with my friend Kelly.  When I use the same camera to take pictures around the house or other places, I do not get these results.  Click on thumbnails to see photo gallery and learn more about these haunted Kansas City landmarks.

Hotel Savoy

Cemetery Captures

Vaile Mansion